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Are Your Adlerian Needs Being Met at Work

Are Your Adlerian Needs Being Met at Work While Alfred Adler is most widely known for his birth-order theories, his work was founded on the basic belief that we all are searching for a sense of belonging and significance. Family dynamics aside, there is no place where these conscious or unconscious forces are as prevalent as in your place of employment. As you progress in your career within a certain organization, those feelings, at times, may start tofade until something finally brings them back in full force.As in many relationships, the feeling of being taken for granted can easily creep up on you at work. Perhaps your career path at your organization hasnt gone quite as youd hoped. You know youre valued, but something is missing.Again, as in all relationships, you need to ask yourself what youre doing to contribute to the issue.One of my favorite saying is, Love is elend a feeling its a behavior.This sayinghas served me and perhaps countless oth er people well at those unavoidable times in a relationship when you just dont feel in love. And then one day you wake up and its back. The mundane and perfunctory have taken their rightful place away from your consciousness while the feelings of significance and belonging have come to the forefront of your being once more.A wandering eye, professionally speaking, may actually lead you torealize that the grass isnt always greener in someone elses lawn. At first sight, and from a distance, the grass may seem greener. But when you get a little closer, you may realize that your grass is just as green, if not greener you just need to water the lawn more frequently.So, what can you do to embrace where you are and focus more on the positives of your role, rather than on whats lacking?1. Make a Mental List of What Is Going RightDo you have autonomy to make decisions? Do you like the people you work with? Do you have an easy commute? (Everythingcounts, no matter how small.)2. At Your Core , Are You Still Basically Happy?Are you happy with your function, the skills youre utilizing, and the purpose your role serves for the organization? Whatever youre happy with, do more of that. Do the work that is obligatory earlier in the day so that you can get in a zone with the work youre excited to do.If youre struggling to find joy or pleasure in any of your work, that is a bigger conversation that needs to happen with your boss.3. What New Things Are You Excited to Learn or Do?Find a way to incorporate them into your role. If youre enthusiastic about networking and attending events, do more of it This may help you feel more connected to and inspired by your work. Youll also hopefully make some great contacts.4. Recognize That Nothing Is PermanentExperiences are fluid, just like emotions. Focus on something outside of work that motivates you. It could be an exercise plan, learning to cook, or even starting your own small business. See what you can gain from your current situati on that allows you to advance in those other areas. Do you have a flexible schedule? Are you so efficient with your work that you have a bit of extra time in your day? In a new role, you may not have the luxury of some small benefits that come with having been in one place for a while.Its never good to feellike you havent reached your potential orthat your current employer isoverlooking many of your talents. But sometimes the answer to greater fulfillment at work is to realize youre in control and that you have to create that fulfillment yourself.Still not sure if you should stay in your current role or set out on a new adventure? Heres a 10-step guide to a career makeoverthat might help.A version of this article originally appeared on LinkedIn.Michele Mavi isAtrium Staffings resident career expert.

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Step Away from the Office! The Dangers of Workaholism

Step Away from the Office The Dangers of WorkaholismStep Away from the Office The Dangers of WorkaholismBeen burning the midnight oil at the office lately? It might be time to rethink your 70-hour work weekBeing overworked can be a major cause of health problems, not to mention strained relationships and just plain unhappniess- even if you dig your job. Check out this infographic to see if you might be headed forworkaholicterritory, and get some tips to help you break away from the grind.Home page photo courtesy of ibm4381. Infographic courtesy of Daily Infographic.

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Four phrases to avoid at work if you want to be trusted

Four phrases to avoid at work if you want to be trustedFour phrases to avoid at work if you want to be trustedAfriend of mine was recently telling me about her new job. I like it, except my boss is hard to read, she said. I wish shed just come out and say what she thinks Instead, her boss useswishy-washy expressions like, Hopefully youre okaywith this? and, I might possibly have a suggestion for you.Asorganizations become flatter, communicating well in every direction is gettingmora important. But managers and leaders are often worried about sounding too controlling, so they soften what they say. Their team members, taking their cue, bury their own ideas under hedging expressions that muddle their meaning. Before long, everyone just winds up sounding less clear,confident, andauthoritativethan they actually feel.In order to make sure you sound like you know what youre talking about, cut these common words and phrases from your vocabulary.RelatedThis Three-Word Phrase Is Subtly Undermi ning Your Authority1. Im bedrngnis sure, butFor starters, its okay not to be sure about something. After all, false confidence is often just as bad as open ignorance. But saying Im not sure when you reallydohave a decent grasp on the matter only undercuts your cause.When your employee, for instance, says, Im not quite sure, but I should have the report done by Friday, youre left to wonder whetherthat means youll actually have to wait until the following week, or that theyre just being modest. There are better ways to communicate tentativeness in cases like this Im waiting on a few moredata points from our finance team, so as long asthosecome through tomorrow, the report will be ready by Friday.Nowyour employee sounds like she knows what shes talking about.Similar qualifiers to avoid includeonly a thought, just my opinion, hard to say, and this might be a silly question. None of these humbleidioms help you make a compelling case about a complicated topic, or let you underscore what y oudoknow in a situation where there are unknowns. The goalisnt to minimize uncertainty or downplay risks. Its to be taken seriously as someone who cannavigate those gray-area experiences with well-founded confidence.RelatedSix Words And Phrases That Make Everyone Hate Working With You2. Sort of or Kind ofWhen someone says, I sort of think or I kind of suspect, its clear they either dont want to come out and speak the truth or elsedont really know their own mind.Maybe asales manager says something like this I kindof think we should approach that client againits been a long time since weve heard from them. What do you think? Is she uncertain about going forward and genuinely wants your opinion, or is she just trying to give direction by softening her statement?Or perhapsyour boss says, I sort of liked the work you turned in last week. Perhaps shes suggesting your work wasnt up to snuff, or perhaps shes just giving you a compliment and softening her language. It might seem like an unim portant difference, but in reality it leaves you not knowing how to respond Do you keep doing what youve been doing, ordo you ask for feedback on how to do better work next time?Not only do these phrases create a lack of clarity for team members, they also make team leaders who use them sound less confident and transparent than they should.3. Maybe, Possibly, and PotentiallyMaybe, possibly, probably, basically, largely, and hopefully are all words that smack of indecision. If a manager says to a staff member, Hopefully youll be okaywith this change, his listener might wonder whether she actually has leeway to challenge it.Many qualifiers like these have a similar effect. An employeetells asupervisor, The project is largely completeinstead of actually saying when itwillbe done or why its not quite there yet. AnIT manager says to an internal client, Its basically a software problem, but possibly we can fix it pretty soon ourselves. Is this good news or bad news? Who knows None of thes e phrases instill much confidence that the speaker has a handle on the situation.4. Using the past tense when you mean the presentHow many times have you been in a meeting and heard a colleague say,I thought I should mention that. . . or, I was thinking we should . . . ? It sounds like the person talking no longer quite believes in whatever idea theyreputtingforward. Compare those past tense expressions to phrases like Iwant to mention . . . and I think we should . . . and the difference is clear.Similarly, whenyou say, I just wanted to point outthat our project is well under way, the first part of the statement hedges the rest of the sentence that comes after it, which is actually positive. Its as though you reallydidhave something to say, then thought better of it, but finally decidedhesitantlyto put it out there anyway. Youve just created confusion, rather than announcing clearly and confidently that your project is going just fine.If you want to sound like a capable speaker who knows what youre talking about, dont water down your message. Avoid these four patterns and expressions. They dont make you sound more approachablethey justmake you sound uncertain, even when you arent.Everyone has one zupflmmel a bad habit you need to shake at work. Make it your goal to start fixing it this week. Whats your first step? Let us know and find support at The Climb.This article originallyappeared on Fast Company.

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Study The blue lights from our screens can blind us

Study The blue lights from ur screens can blind usStudy The blue lights from our screens can blind usAmericans spend up to 11 hours a day in front of a digital screen, but our commitment to our phones and laptops is having unwanted effects on our eyes, a new study from peer-reviewed journal Scientific Reports found.Researchers at theUniversity of Toledoin Ohio foundthat our blue-tinted screens are wrecking our eyes and accelerating our risk of blindness.Our digital screens are steadily blinding usThe researchers found that prolonged exposure to the 445-nanometer shortwave we see on our electronic devices called blue light can cause permanent damage to our eyes. The blue light triggers the creation of poisonous chemical moleculesin our eyes photoreceptor cells.Its toxic. If you shine blue light on retinal, the retinal kills photoreceptor cells, Kasun Ratnayake, one of the studys authors, said.Photoreceptor cells do not regenerate in the eye. When theyre dead, theyre dead for good. Whe n photoreceptor cells get killed, it can increase our risk of age-related macular degeneration, an incurable eye disease.Blue light can not only blind you, it can also keep you up at night. Blue light disrupts our sleep schedules by convincing our brains it is morning when it is night. As you watch your televisions, phones and laptop screens,these unwanted side effects are a reminder to give yourself breaks to look away.

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Grammar rules you were taught at school that are wrong

Grammar rules you were taught at school that are wrongGrammar rules you were taught at school that are wrongDo you remember being taught you should never abflug your sentences with And or But?What if I told you that your teachers were wrong and there are lots of other so-called grammar rules that weve probably been getting wrong in our English classrooms for years?How did grammar rules come about?To understand why weve been getting it wrong, we need to know a little about the history of grammar teaching.Grammar is how we organize our sentences in order to communicate meaning to others.Those who say there is one correct way to organize a sentence are called prescriptivists. Prescriptivist grammarians prescribe how sentences must be structured.Prescriptivists had their day in the sun in the 18th century. As books became more accessible to the everyday person, prescriptivists wrote the first grammar books to tell everyone how they must write.These self-appointed guardians of the languag e just made up grammar rules for English, and put them in books that they sold. It was a way of ensuring that literacy stayed out of reach of the working classes.They took their newly concocted rules from Latin. This was, presumably, to keep literate English out of reach of anyone who wasnt rich or posh enough to attend a grammar school, which was a school where you were taught Latin.And yes, that is the origin of todays grammar schools.The other camp of grammarians are the descriptivists. They write grammar guides that describe how English is used by different people and for different purposes. They recognize that language isnt static, and it isnt one-size-fits-all.1. You cant start a sentence with a conjunctionLets start with the grammatical sin I have already committed in this article. You cant start a sentence with a conjunction.Obviously you can, because I did. And I expect I will do it again before the end of this article. There, I knew I wouldThose who say it is always incorr ect to start a sentence with a conjunction, like and or but, sit in the prescriptivist camp.However, according to the descriptivists, at this point in our linguistic historyit is fine to start a sentence with a conjunction in an op-ed article like this, or in a novel or a poem.It is less acceptable to start a sentence with a conjunction in an academic journal article, or in an essay for my sons high school economics teacher, as it turns out. But times are changing.2. You cant end a sentence with a prepositionWell, in Latin you cant. In English you can, and we do all the time.Admittedly a lot of the younger generation dont even know what a preposition is, so this rule is already obsolete. But lets have a look at it anyway, for old times sake.According to this rule, it is wrong to say Who did you go to the movies with?Instead, the prescriptivists would have me say With whom did you go to the movies?Im saving that structure for when Im making polite chat with the queen on my next visit to the palace.Thats not a sarcastic comment, just a fanciful one. Im glad I know how to structure my sentences for different audiences. It is a powerful tool. It means I usually feel comfortable in whatever social circumstances I find myself in, and I can change my writing style according to purpose and audience.That is why we should teach grammar in schools. We need to give our children a full repertoire of language so that they can make grammatical choices that will allow them to speak and write for a wide range of audiences.3. Put a comma when you need to take a breathIts a novel idea, synchronizing your writing with your breathing, but the two have nothing to do with one another and if this is the instruction we give our children, it is little wonder commas are so poorly used.Punctuation is a minefield and I dont want to risk blowing up the internet. So here is a basic description of what commas do, and read this for a more comprehensive guide.Commas provide demarcation between like grammatical structures. When adjectives, nouns, phrases or clauses are butting up against each other in a sentence, we separate them with a comma. Thats why I put commas between the three nouns and the two clauses in that last sentence.Commas also provide demarcation for stimmts, phrases or clauses that are embedded in a sentence for effect. The sentence would still be a sentence even if we took those words away. See, for example, the use of commas in this sentence.4. To make your writing more descriptive, use more adjectivesAmerican writer Mark Twain had it right.When you catch an adjective, kill it. No, I dont mean utterly, but kill most of them then the rest will be valuable.If you want your writing to be more descriptive, play with your sentence structure.Consider this sentence from Liz Lofthouses beautiful childrens book Ziba Came on a Boat. It comes at a key turning point in the book, the story of a refugees escape.Clutching her mothers hand, Ziba ran on and on, through the night, far away from the madness until there was only darkness and quiet.A beautifully descriptive sentence, and not an adjective in sight.5. Adverbs are the words that end in lyLots of adverbs end in ly, but lots dont.Adverbs give more information about verbs. They tell us when, where, how and why the verb happened. So that means words like tomorrow, there and deep can be adverbs.I say they can be adverbs because, actually, a word is just a word. It becomes an adverb, or a noun, or an adjective, or a verb when it is doing that job in a sentence.Deep into the night, and the word deep is an adverb. Down a deep, dark hole and it is an adjective. When I dive into the deep, it is doing the work of a noun.Time to take those word lists of adjectives, verbs and nouns off the classroom walls.Time, also, to ditch those old Englishmen who wrote a grammar for their times, not ours.If you want to understand what our language can do and how to use it well, read widely, think deeply and list en carefully. And remember, neither time nor language stands still for any of us.Misty Adoniou, Associate Professor in Language, Literacy and TESL, University of CanberraThis article was originally published on The Conversation. Read the original article.

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Customize this Outstanding Payroll Resume 10 Sample

Customize this Outstanding Payroll Resume 10 SampleCustomize this Outstanding Payroll Resume 10 SampleCreate Resume ObjectiveTo gain a high-impact position requiring creative and innovative approaches to problem solving and strategy development.Professional experience05/2008 08/2008 Entertainment Partners Burbank, CAPayroll Accountant Mommas Boys Processed purchase orders and non union payroll for ATL and BTL payments. Amex reconciliations, A/P check runs, and ad-hoc reporting. Downloaded invoices for payment, labor corrections, and journal entries.1st Assistant Production Accountant High School Musical Reality Series Processed union and non-union payroll, and vendor payments. Heavy account reconciliation and trail balance clean-up. Processed invoices, journal entries, and petty cash.07/2007 05/2008 Cast and Crew Burbank, CA1st Assistant Production Accountant Outnumbered Processed start paperwork, payroll, and vendor payments. Set-up vendors, eingabe purchase orders, and proces sed check requests. Processed invoices, journal entries, and account reconciliation.1st Assistant Production Accountant TMZ Processed payroll and vendor payments. Set-up vendors, input purchase orders, and processed check requests. Processed invoices, journal entries, and account reconciliation.03/2007 07/2007 Entertainment Partners Burbank, CAPayroll Accountant The Biggest auf zum frhlichen jagener Processed purchase orders, non union payroll for ATL, BTL, and Aftra payments. Processed new start paperwork, any crew issues, and set-up new vendors. Downloaded invoices for payment, labor corrections, and journal entries.Payroll Accountant Weeds Processed union payroll for SAG, DGA, ATL, IA, extras, and Teamsters. Processed vendor payments, petty cash, and payroll invoices. Assisted assistant production accountant with Vendor set-up and coding.12/2005 03/2007 NBC Universal Universal City, CAPayroll Administrator Served as a liaison between Payroll and IT departments. Processed all daily and weekly payrolls for Studio, Show, ATL, and Residual payments. Processed vendor payments. Developed, tested, and implemented new payroll processes as needed.Created standard queries for different departments as needed. Part of a functional People soft upgrade committee making sure payrolls needs were met. Updated payroll calendars, company custom tables, and provided all the technical assistance in the payroll department. Supervised payroll clerks, verified and audited payroll input. Processed weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual payments of taxes. Daily funding of payroll deposit accounts. Worked with ADP to ensure timely deposits.06/2005 12/2005 Entertainment Partners Burbank, CAPayroll Accountant Extreme Makeover Home Edition Payroll for ATL and BTL crew as well as inputting purchase orders and invoices. Proficient with all modules of Vista Accounting Software. Fast 10-key numeric entry. Created spreadsheets for various cost analysis projects. Journal entries monthl y general ledger closing trial balance clean up.Audited expense reports, made deposits and bank account funding, and paid invoices.05/2001 05/2005 Occidental Petroleum Los Angeles, CAPayroll Analyst Processed payrolls, garnishments, expense reports, and monthly vehicle reports utilizing People soft, Oracle, and HRMS data systems. Created, updated, and balanced various spreadsheets. Trained new employees on various systems. Worked directly with various worksites including Human Resources, legal department, court agencies, IRS, and state tax agencies to set up new hires, new garnishment vendors, and tax payments. Made sure allrequired forms were in that related to payroll (i.e. tax forms, court orders, and any other correspondence). Semi, Monthly, and Quarterly payments of company taxes. Bank reconciliation. Month-end General ledger. Processing of company stock options and monthly benefits. Continually implemented new and efficient department procedures. 12/1999 03/2001 ICOM Los Ang eles, CABilling Rep Processed customer payments, chargebacks, and refunds from credit card, cash, and check payments. Answered billing inquiries via email and phone. Assisted customers with website issues. Set up new accounts and inputted all info into the system. Provided quality assurance calls, relieved receptionist and assisted customer service as needed.EducationUniversity of Phoenix Online Bachelors Accounting-Junior standing.SKILLS ABILITIESExcel, PowerPoint, Word, QuickBooks, Oracle, People soft, Vista, PSL, ADP, Paychex, multi-tasker, analytical, strong problem solver, and excellent written and verbal communications.Customize Resume

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What You Should Do About Example of a Good Resume Beginning in the Next 10 Minutes

What You Should Do About Example of a Good Resume Beginning in the Next 10 Minutes The Start of Example of a Good Resume If you do choose to supply personal interests in your resume, you truly have to think about what you include. Chronological events are represented by many applicants to create the resume and it is likewise liked by recruiter for the reason that it aids in making the obvious picture in mind about the candidate. Then you are able to bring the conversation to your qualifications and why you ought to be hired. All the skilled resumes share various characteristics. What You Can Do About Example of a Good Resume Starting in the Next 8 Minutes So you have to be wise like Danny. If you would like to repair your resume, all it requires is a small hard work and thought. Whether youre searching for a job linked to design or not, design thinking is an invaluable skill to get. At the same time that you will always require a printed, great looking resume to take to poss ible job interviews, using technology can greatly boost your possibility at that dream job. You ought to find specific job opening posted by a particular geschftliches miteinander you would love to submit an application for. If you are searching for a professional job, youll need to get a resume. It is simpler than you might think to compose a superb administrative resume that could let you find the job of your dreams. If youre confused regarding what things you should include and emphasize in your resume, and what things to avoid at all price, there are lots of websites you can locate on the Internet that offer tutorials about how to compose a resume, together with free resume examples. Distinct varieties of fonts can be found in MS word and it depends upon your option to select the very best font which isnt too stylish for representing yourself through resume. Developing a great resume is the very best way it is possible to make that first impression. There are several dif ferent software programs offered for computers that may help anyone build a job resume. There are various resume examples which can be downloaded on the internet. The essential skills section is the most important in the coach resume. Know a list of hobbies for a resume isnt mandatory. There are lots of baseball coach resume examples readily available online which can help you in writing your resume. Example of a Good Resume and Example of a Good Resume - The Perfect Combination Lets take a quick glance at the five key sections of the typical resume. At the peak of the resume you ought to have your name and it needs to be easily readable. There are lots of sources online and in the bookstore that supply you with sample resumes. Make certain that you include all appropriate information which is pertinent to the job posting. Have a look at free resume examples on the net and youre going to observe that headings ought to be the exact same all throughout. The very first sec tion is a Summary of Qualifications which gives you a concise summary of your qualifications. Highlighting the belastung employment record will demonstrate the responsibilities an individual previously held and the length of time they usually maintains a job. There is a particular fashion of resumes called Internship resume. Example of a Good Resume and Example of a Good Resume - The Perfect Combination Nevertheless, theres a difference and its helpful to understand when to compose a CV vs resume. Do a search utilizing any of the significant search engines such as Google, Yahoo, or MSN and you will find tons of resources to aid you. Good is insufficient, neither is terrific. The Ultimate Example of a Good Resume Trick Among the things that most folks worry about on their resume is the shortage of necessary work experience thats needed for any job. Theres probably lots of excellent data in your bad resume. Building a great job resume is not hard, especially in the day and age of computers with spell check. Imagine plenty of other individuals copy the exact same one. The community edition of UiPath is free of charge and everyone can download and utilize it. Your professional resume is significant in many of means. Do an internet search, or even better ask friends that are in good jobs if you may use their resume as an idea template.